Kinian PCs

Attributes: 6/4/3,
Abilities: 10/7/4
Backgrounds: 6,
Arts 1, Realm 1 and 1 in heritage's affinity Realm.
Glamour: 2, Willpower: 3, Banality: 2 
20 Freebie points, may bank up to 15 freebies.

Glamour Regeneration Kinain are, body and soul, a fusion of faerie and human. This grants them no harvesting capabilities, but instead the remarkable power to regenerate a small supply of Glamour from their own emotions. All Kinain can store up to 2 points of Glamour, and regenerate 1 point per chapter up to that maximum. Changelings can Ravage Kinain as they would any other mortal.

Heritage Rather than kith, Kinain have a heritage. This is the kith of her faerie parent, from which she draws her fae power. In the case of both parents being changelings, which heritage she displays varies, but one always comes to the fore. Any signs of the other parent’s magic are limited to cosmetic attributes. Sometimes the dominant heritage is quickly made obvious through the Kinain’s physical traits, subdued as they may be: A half-nocker looks different from a half-troll, and so on. It might instead be that the child doesn’t show any obvious traits from her heritage, and it manifests in personality, instead. A completely average-looking boy or girl winds up fascinated with taking things apart or breaking them, or ordering her peers (and elders) around, and then her heritage is clear.

Birthrights When creating a Kinain, her player either selects one Birthright from the two that are granted by her heritage’s kith counterpart or, with the Storyteller’s approval, creates a new one. Kinain are not normally able to make use of the more overt Magic Birthrights (see p. 116); a pooka’s child is much more likely to evince the Confidante Birthright than the Shapechanging one. With that said, the ultimate decision as to how magical a Kinain should be rests with the Storyteller, and has a degree of latitude. The daughter of a selkie who can change into a seal while wearing her mother’s sealskin might make for an interesting character, despite this Birthright being much more overtly magical than the other one selkies get.

Legacy Kinain have Legacies, but don’t sort them into Seelie or Unseelie, as their participation in the courts is a token membership at best. She might only fit one Legacy her entire life, the second slipping through under intense pressure, or the two might flip back and forth. Someone normally bouncy and enthusiastic could switch to paranoid dread, and have that simply be a matter of which Legacy is dominant. Both Quests are active no matter what, but only the Ban for the Legacy she is expressing at the time applies. Kinain can also choose to have two Seelie or two Unseelie Legacies, as the distinction for them is negligible. Arts and Realms A child of the Fae can freely use the Arts and Realms of any Kithain willing to teach her, though her potential in such fields is limited by how much Faerie runs through her. The number of Arts she can learn is limited by how strongly she is tied to the Dreaming (see Faerie Blood Background, p. 461). Further limiting her use of Fae magic is her substantially-limited Glamour pool. At character creation, Kinain get 1 dot to be spent on an Art. Learning Realms has no restriction other than those that changelings face. At character creation, Kinain characters receive one dot of their parent’s affinity Realm, and one dot in a Realm of the player’s choice (the player can choose to take a second dot of the affinity Realm).

Banality A Kinain cannot be affected by Banality. She still has a Banality trait, but it only represents how she interact with changelings, and has no effect on the Kinain herself. A Kinain with high or low Banality is treated exactly the same as a mortal with high or low Banality. Kinain begin with a Banality of 3, which is raised or lowered like any other character’s throughout play.

Background Kinain characters may not take the Dreamers, Holdings, Remembrance, Retinue, or Title Backgrounds. The other Backgrounds described in Chapter Three are available to them (though few changelings would entrust a powerful Treasure or chimera to a Kinain). Kinain characters may also choose a few Backgrounds specific to them: Faerie Blood, Mists, and Second Sight/Visions

  • Allies 
  • Animal Companion,
  • Arsenal,
  • Chimerical Companion,
  • Chimerical Item,
  • Contacts,
  • Destiny,
  • Faerie Blood,
  • Faerie Mentor,
  • Fame,
  • Mists,
  • Patron,
  • Political Influence,
  • Resources,
  • Second Sight/Visions,
  • Treasure,
  • Totem


Kinian PCs

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