"Go back, you flower people, back where you came from, wash your hair, get dressed properly, get to work on time and stop all this [whining] and moaning." -Norman Tebbit, autumn person.

The Uses of Enchantment is a Changeling the Dreaming chronicle that is set in 1985 in southern England in the sea side resort town of Brighton, in the ceremonial county of East Sussex. Brighton is about 2.5 miles from the neighboring town of Hove to the east, and Portslade to the west.

House Rules

This Brighton is a caricature of the real place, for we are a bunch of yanks playing a historical fantasy. Unlike the real Brighton of 1985, for our purposes this Brighton is in decline. There is a hope that revenues lost to plant closures and wide spread unemployment could be stemmed or reversed by the tourist pound. Leading to the towns decayed facades being brightly painted over, the sweet smell of rot mixing with that of cheap discarded candy.

Child characters should attend Moulsecoomb Junior School, while teens attend Longhill High School. 

There are two small Freeholds in the town (Kingsway, and Whitehawk) and chances are that soon the sluagh may form a third in the ruins of the West Pier, a fourth lies a few miles off the coast in the English channel is Merfolk hands which is rumored to be a stronghold of House Melusine of large size anchored to the wreck of a sunken submarine from WWII. The Kingsway freehold is controlled by House Dougal, while the Whitehawk freehold has been in the hands of commoners for the past two hundred years. A two other locations currently held by other prodigals eventually could serve as medium and large sized Freeholds, respectively, if it could be liberated from the supernaturals that currently control them. These six places of power are linked by leylines, trods, and governed in part by the so called Brighton zodiac.

Notable mortal landmarks include the Palace Pier (a riot of sound and light reminiscent of that in The Lost Boys) and the Royal Pavilion, an Eastern-inspired confection of a building that looks decidedly out of place in the otherwise typically English city. The Pier itself is host to slot machines, arcades and overpriced souvenir and snack shops, as well as carnival-type rides, karaoke bars and a few fortune tellers, all on a strip of mood and concrete jutting out into the Atlantic. The Pavilion, once the residence of the naughty Prince George, was opened to the public as a museum by a thoroughly disgusted Queen Victoria. Rumors persist of a network of secret corridors and canals beneath the city that hid the perversions of past rulers from the eyes of loyal subjects. The local sluagh firmly deny that such canals exist. Further down the shore, the West Pier, a broken down ruin, stands like a ghostly shadow of the Palace Pier. A few sluagh wilders have claimed the place as their own, gathering on the shaky foundations to find some peace from the sound and fury of the city, their leader is organizing an effort to light a balefire in the ruins creating a sixth freehold.

Two notable changeling owned shops in Brighton include the gay bar called Pandora's Box, and the curio shop the Wrinkled Page. 

Represented kiths should include Eshu, Knockers, Merfolk, Murduacha, Piskies, Satyrs, Selkies, and Sluagh though PCs being unique individuals they could be from any kith. I plan to run this game troupe style so everyone can have a secondary character if they choose, but their secondary character must be of one of the aforementioned kiths, and must have a different seeming from their primary character (so if your primary PC is a childling, your secondary character must be either a wilder or a grump). 

Changeling character creation (note there are a couple differences from the corebook)
Enchanted Mortal PCs
Kinian PCs

The Uses of Enchantment

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